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Ghost Legend Pre-Workout Review

Looking for a good pre workout is a lot like hunting for ghosts: It can be scary, but ultimately disappointing lots of times. Ghost Legend pre workout wants you to know it’s not one of them. 

Ghost wants to scare the competition away with its cartoony design and rather straightforward formulation, guaranteeing lots of pumps with every scoop.

Is Ghost Legend a legit contender for top pre workouts ever or is it just another prank of a supplement? Let’s find out!

Ghost Legend Review

Stimulant Boost
Ingredient Quality
Pump Boost
Overall Value


  • Great Pumps
  • Transparent Label
  • Balanced caffeine
  • Evidence of Synergy


  • Childish design
  • Higher priced than others

About Ghost Legend Pre-Workout

Ghost isn’t without endorsers as evidenced on their page. One of their biggest endorsers is YouTuber, bodybuilder, and entrepreneur Christian Guzman. When you realize what he looks like and what he’s known for, that’s when you know Ghost isn’t clowning around. Here’s what we noticed:

  • Focused. Just two blends despite the number of ingredients makes Ghost pretty focused.
  • Quality ingredients. Familiar ingredients is almost always a good thing in the supplement world.
  • Cartoon design. You might think it’s for kids...

Ghost Legend Pre-Workout: Supplement Facts

Ghost Pre-Workout Ingredients

Other Ingredients: Malic Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Calcium Silicate, Silicone Dioxide, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Tartaric Acid, FD&C Red #40


DO NOT EXCEED 2 SCOOPS PER DAY. Mix each scoop (serving) of GHOST LEGEND® with 6-8 oz of water or beverage of choice. Start with 1 scoop or less to assess your tolerance. Consume prior to exercise on training days.

Ghost Legend Pre-Workout: Ingredient List

Ghost Legend blend

This is Ghost’s primary blend It has ingredients catered to a good lifting experience and we think it’s smart to start with a blend that people pre workouts for.

  • Citrulline. Citrulline is the best key ingredient when you want increased muscle pumps. However, it would have been better if they used the citrulline malate version. Still, the 4 gram dose is worth noting. 
  • Beta-alanine as CarnoSyn. Beta alanine is an amino acid that boosts the body’s natural carnosine levels for increased endurance and delayed fatigue. The 2 gram dosage is not bad at all. 
  • Agmatine Sulfate. Agmatine sulfate supports the nitric oxide boost provided by Citrulline before it.
  • Norvaline. A rare addition, norvaline has an indirect effect on increasing pumps.It inhibits arginase production, a sort of “pump limiter.” Removing arginase means the body that produce as much nitric oxide as it’s allowed to do.

Ghost Smart Energy blend

This blend contains accessory ingredients that don’t necessarily drive the blend’s overall intent, but gives users a better overall experience especially when it comes to stress and focus.

  • Taurine. Taurine improves exercise recovery time, boosts the metabolic rate, increases testosterone production, enhances the overall physical and mental energy of the user.
  • Caffeine. Caffeine needs no real introduction. It’s cheap and easy to add in any pre workout. At 165 mg, the dosing is just moderate or even mild for most users. This is a good thing when you think about it; this means Ghost doesn’t try to rely on stimulants to make users feel it working.
  • Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC works in two ways: 1. Boost acetylcholine production (a critical brain chemical); 2. Protects the brain from oxidation and damage. It should also be noted that acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter responsible for muscle movement.
  • Rhodiola rosea extract. Rhodiola is known protect users from stress. It can also boost endurance by delaying muscle fatigue. 
  • DiCaffeine malate. DiCaffeine malate combines caffeine and malic acid to reduce the stomach problems normally encountered when ingesting pure caffeine anhydrous. It should be noted that Ghost is one of the few pre workouts that actually uses DiCaffeine Malate in its blend.
  • Theobromine. Theobromine is thought to act as a brain stimulant as well as promote mood. However, we’re not sold on the science around theobromine, as many conclusions are not solid.
  • Olive leaf extract. More of a plant for brain health and a good source of antioxidants.
  • NADH. NADH has dopamine-boosting properties and has some potential for preventing something called “brain fog.”
  • Rauwolfia. Rauwolfia is more of a brain stimulant than a fat burner despite it being cousins with yohimbe. However, the dosage is pretty weak.

Thinking about ordering Ghost? We've put in the research so that you don't have to!

Who is Ghost Legend Pre-Workout made for?

Most pre workouts capitalize on caffeine being cheap, so they add as much of the stimulant that they can get away with. Ghost isn’t like them.

Ghost is designed for consumers who don’t like the idea of being caffeine-dependent. Its market are users who are experienced with supplements and are on the lookout for something that isn’t purely running on stim. 

What are Ghost Legend Pre-Workout’s benefits?

The main driving force of Ghost is its pump-support. Each serving should help you feel more pumped, allowing you to lift heavier than usual for more reps per set. There’s also an angle on mood-boosting, so you also feel good while lifting.

Ghost Legend Pre-Workout: Side Effects

Caffeine’s total dosage isn’t that bad as it’s just around 200 mg. 200 mg is literally just two cups of coffee or maybe two shots or so of espresso. A lot of people can tolerate that much caffeine, but in case you can’t, you could experience jitters, headaches, and the crash.

Beta alanine could cause you to feel itchy, but some say it’s a sign the ingredient is working.

Ghost Legend Pre-Workout: Pros and Cons


  • Huge pump boost. Dedicated an entire blend for this effect.
  • Transparent labeling. No ingredient’s dose is left for us to guess.
  • Balanced caffeine. Shouldn’t really cause nasty side effects.
  • Evidence of synergy. Ghost is pretty well thought out for a funny-looking supplement.


  • Childish design. Imagine a massive bro sporting this in his locker.
  • Pricey. Quality isn’t cheap, but we still think it’s too expensive for the number of servings.

Pricing info

  • 1 Can (30 servings): $44.99
  • Two flavors: Fruit Punch and  Blue Raspberry
  • Available online and in retail stores

Ghost Legend Pre-Workout: Summary

Ghost builds on the basics of a pre workout, bust puts heavy emphasis on the pump benefits. Not only the pump, it also boasts of a good source of energy that won’t necessarily make you have a bad day when the effect wears off.

Our only nitpick is the price. We see a lot of other pre workouts who perform in a similar manner or have better ingredients, but only sell for like $5 to $7 off. Price matters when you’re taking something you might buy for years.

Should you take Ghost Legend? The only things that can stop you are the childish design and price. If you can sit with that, then Ghost is a pretty nice product.

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