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GAT PMP Pre-Workout Review

One of the few things every lifter wants from a pre workout is to get energized and pumped. If your pre workout formula doesn’t have the right ingredients for those two things, it ain’t gonna be flying off the shelves. The folks behind GAT PMP promise to give you those two pre workout benefits to their maximum extent, and more.  

Some of their other claims include being a unique pre workout, which is really almost impossible to prove given the hundreds of formulas that have been tried and tested (and even rehashed). However, we’re not counting GAT PMP just yet. Something tells us that their generic  bottle look is a sign of professionalism and not bad marketing.

Is GAT PMP Pre-Workout meta defining in the industry? Read on to find out.

Quick PMP Review

Stimulant Boost
Ingredient Quality
Pump Boost
Overall Value


  • Quality ingredients
  • Great value
  • Synergistic
  • Variety


  • Artificial flavors
  • Redundant formula
  • Proprietary blend

About GAT PMP Pre-Workout

We’re definitely in progressive times, because GAT PMP Pre-Workout not only has a stim-free variant, but also a ready to drink version. Yes, just like G-Fuel. This shows that the company is really adamant at marketing to not just the typical lifter, but also those who don’t like stimulants too much or those who take pre workouts on the go

One of their main claims is how they can deliver the next generation of intense pre-workouts, but we’ve seen a lot of claims like this that flopped. So hopefully, GAT PMP Pre-Workout can prove their worth.

Here’s what we notice with the bottle:

  • No Creatine: They want the people to know that they don’t use creatine. This is an odd marketing strategy, given that many brands would rather hide the fact that they didn’t use the most popular pre workout ingredient ever. We’re not entirely sure, but our guess is they probably market to those who already take creatine or would rather not be bloated while lifting - a common side effect creatine causes upon ingestion. 
  • Thoughtful variety: It’s not every day you get to see a brand that sports both stim-free and RTD versions. You have to admire the dedication behind developing what is technically three separate pre workout formulas under one brand name.
  • Based on Nitraflex: Nitraflex is a really good pre workout, so it’s interesting to see how GAT PMP Pre-Workout both differentiates itself from Nitraflex without losing touch on the good rep Nitraflex has earned.

GAT PMP Pre-Workout: Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Pineapple Fruit Powder, Silicon Dioxide, Sodium Chloride, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, Dicalcium Phosphate, FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Blue #1.

Contains: Milk.

Note: One serving contains 325 mg Caffeine.

Directions: Powder: Mix (1) scoop with 8-10 fl. oz. cold water. Consume 15-30 min before workouts. Do not take any other products that contain caffeine or any other stimulants while taking this product. Do not exceed (1) serving in any 24-hour period.

Bottles: Consume one 10 fl oz bottle of PMP™ within 20-30 minutes prior to working out. DO NOT CONSUME with any other products containing CAFFEINE with this product.

GAT PMP Pre-Workout: Ingredient List

GAT PMP Pre-Workout makes use of 13 key ingredients separated into four different blends.It would sound like a bad idea at first, given that 13 ingredients will all have to share the 8.5 gram serving, but some of the ingredients we see don’t require that much dose. 

NO Enhancers

  • Beta Alanine as CarnoSyn: Beta alanine is known to delay fatigue and even help with muscle recovery. CarnoSyn is the best brand of beta alanine as they made it so that you get maximum purity and processed it in a way that you will not have an itchy time.  
  • L-Arginine Malate: This form of arginine is simply easier on the stomach and makes your body absorb the nitric oxide ingredient faster. We’re not completely sold on arginine, though, because it’s not a good nitric oxide booster compared to the following ingredients. 
  • Citrulline and Citrulline Malate: Okay, we have no idea why they put two forms of citrulline, but perhaps it’s a form of cost-savings on their end. Still, citrulline - and its superior form citrulline malate - is the best nitric oxide booster in the industry. The only thing we have to ask is: Why didn’t they just put all the dose on Citrulline malate? We think they could have saved more money than mixing it with lesser pump boosters.
  • Norvaline: Norvaline is not exactly a nitric oxide booster, but it does help prolong the effects of nitric oxide boosting ingredients, which is always good.

Pump Accelerators

  • Agmatine Sulfate: This is a pump enhancer and works specifically by enhancing the effects of pump ingredients like citrulline malate. 
  • Glycerol Monostearate: This ingredient helps with muscle hydration and enhancing muscle pumps through water. Yes, you can also get “pumped” with water molecules, though to a lesser extent. 
  • Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate: Also known as AAKG, this ingredient is known to further enhance what citrulline malate can do for your pumps. 
  • Calcium Lactate: We’re not entirely sure what role calcium has on muscle pumps, but this study did say that calcium was important for a nitric oxide process to be really efficient. 

PMP Focus & Cognition Modulators

  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: This is taken for the focus benefits and even anti-stress which is always welcome. This is also the best form of tyrosine known for best bioavailability.
  • Theanine: This nootropic is often taken for mood enhancement and calming benefits, but it also works really well with caffeine since theanine can help counter some of the stimulant’s side effects. 

PMP Energetics

  • Caffeine anhydrous: They declared 325 mg of caffeine per serving, which is over three cups of coffee’s worth. We think it’s a cup too much, but maybe some of you guys like to get buzzed up.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine: This is L Carnitine’s superior form in terms of fat burning. What it does is it funnels fat into cells and the cells then burns them up for fuel. This produces energy.

Thinking about ordering GAT PMP? We've put in the research so that you don't have to!

Who is GAT PMP Pre-Workout made for?

GAT PMP Pre-workout is definitely formulated for fans of the brand. They made mention of Nitraflex, a really popular pre workout, so that tells us they’re relying on name-recall and produced GAT PMP Pre-Workout hoping it would have the same marketing success. 

Outside of the audience, we think GAT PMP Pre-Workout is also made for the lifter who knows which ingredient to take, but don’t really know how much of each ingredient they should have. Many of the ingredients in GAT PMP Pre-Workout are modestly dosed, and seasoned supplement users would see this and opt for something else. 

Still, GAT PMP Pre-Workout does pack a punch, if only because of the quality and potency of the ingredients it uses.

What are GAT PMP Pre-Workout’s benefits?

Based on what we’ve seen, we think GAT PMP can help pump you up and energize you. The concentration of nitric oxide ingredients combined with the 325 mg dose of caffeine, plus the recovery and fatigue benefits of beta alanine, make the formula really synergistic and smart.

GAT PMP Pre-Workout: Side Effects

The side effects with taking GAT PMP Pre-Workout will come from caffeine. The 325 mg dose is really high. Think three and half espressos in one gulp. If you’re not fond of caffeine, then consider buying the stim-free version. If you take this and you’re kinda sensitive to stimulants, you might get a dose of jitters, nervousness, anxiety, and sweats.  

Is GAT PMP Pre-Workout as good as Nitraflex?

For context, Nitraflex is a PURE pump pre workout. No frills; just nitric oxide super boosting. GAT PMP Pre-Workout, on the other hand, looks more like a typical pre workout except for its rather complex pump blend. 

To say GAT PMP Pre-Workout is as good as Nitraflex would be inaccurate. We think Nitraflex is more pump-focused than GAT PMP Pre-Workout. However, GAT PMP Pre-Workout seems to be more well-rounded. 

It’s a case of preference.

GAT PMP Pre-Workout: pros and cons


  • High quality ingredients: The dosing may be a bit modest, but the quality is something to talk about.
  • Synergy: They didn’t just put everything in a bag and hoped something would work.
  • Great value: The price is actually really good for what it can do. 
  • Variety: Stim free and RTD variants means they really want people to buy their product.


  • Prop blend: Individual dosages, please.
  • Redundant formula: They used too many ingredients to do one thing.
  • Artificial ingredients: This could be a blend on its own.

Pricing info

  • 1 Can (30 servings): $29.99
  • Available online and in retail stores 
  • Flavors: Berry Blast, Green Apple, Raspberry Lemonade, Stim-Free Blue Raspberry, Stim-Free Orange Cream, Strawberry Banana

GAT PMP Pre-Workout: Summary

GAT PMP Pre-workout tries to draw from the success of Nitraflex, but ends up being a totally different brand. 

GAT PMP Pre-Workout can give high levels of energy, focus, endurance, and even a decent pump benefit on the side. It may not have the super concentrated pumps you would get from Nitraflex, but it will give you what Nitraflex can’t. 

Even if you think GAT PMP underperforms in its category, consider the price and realize it’s actually great value.

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