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Dyno Pre Workout Review

Regardless of how you value them, supplements aren’t cheap. They’re just not. Never mind that some brands cost more than a fancy meal at a restaurant, but the cost is actually higher when you think about how supplements are meant to be taken for a long, long time. Because money doesn’t grow on trees, even saving a few bucks on a good brand can go a long way.

That is what the people behind RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-workout wanted when they created their product aimed to be effective and wallet-friendly. 

We’re all fond of the best bang for your buck or great value supplements, but we also recognize that quality isn’t cheap. However, can RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-workout be as good as a high-priced powder or is it just a heavily watered down premium? Read on to find out.

Dyno Pre-Workout Review

Dyno Pre Workout
Stimulant Boost
Ingredient Quality
Pump Boost
Overall Value


  • No prop blend
  • Synergistic design
  • Boatloads of energy
  • Nootropics


  • No theanine
  • Under-dosed
  • Not great for pumps

About RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout

RSP Nutrition is a decade-old supplement company and is famously founded by former college athletes. On top of creating pre workouts that fit their lifestyle, they also formulate supplements that can be as cost-effective as possible. 

In a world where everything is getting more expensive, something that actually wants us to save money is always welcome. 

Some of the claims they have on RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-workout is how it is a comprehensive product; that it can boost energy, give you lots of pumps, and just make your ordinary training routine feel extraordinary. 

Here’s what we notice with the bottle:

  • Formula transparency. The good folks at RSP Nutrition definitely know that ingredient transparency is a sign of a premium company. It’s always good to know exactly what you’re ingesting at all times.
  • Short stack. With just seven key ingredients, will it be super focused or will it lack firepower?
  • Cool bottle design. Reminds me of Tron and some 90’s arcade games. The only thing missing is a glow-in-the-dark effect.

RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout: Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Silica, Natural Flavors, Maltodextrin, Sucralose, Turmeric (color), Acesulfame Potassium, Caramel (color)

Directions: Mix one scoop with 6-10 oz of cold water and consume 15-30 minutes before training. Do not exceed more than one scoop.

RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout: Ingredient List

RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout makes use of seven key ingredients minus the vitamins and minerals. What we like about short stacks is how you’re pretty much guaranteed a great dose for each key ingredient. 

At 7.5 grams per scoop, it’s hard to imagine getting a small-dosed ingredient.

  • Beta Alanine: Beta alanine is bar none the best ingredient for optimal muscle endurance. It can also double as a muscle recovery catalyst. The only drawbacks from taking high amounts of beta alanine is the itching sensation referred to as paresthesia. The dose is just 2 grams, though, so maybe you won’t even feel it coursing through your vein.
  • L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate: This is also known as AAKG. AAKG is known for giving you some of the best pumps of your life. More than pumps, it also helps absorb the arginine part better as well as the other ingredients in the formula.
  • Taurine: Muscle cells benefit best from taurine intake. This ingredient’s goal is to keep our cells hydrated, making us exercise longer. It’s like arginine and beta alanine, but a lot milder.
  • Choline Bitartrate: This is the weakest and cheapest form of choline. No surprise here:  RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-workout did say they were formulating something easy on the bank account. It’s just a bit disappointing because choline is a really cool brain chemical that stimulates parts of our brain responsible for focus and mental awareness. The good news is, it’s at 1 gram. The bad news is, choline bitartrate is not really bioavailable. So, cross your fingers.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: At 300 mg, you’re getting around 3 cups of coffee’s worth of caffeine. I like coffee and I’m sure you or your friends and family love coffee too. However, 300 mg can be too strong for a lot of people. Not to mention heavy doses can get you tolerant, forcing you to take more just to feel something.
  • Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC): Oh wow! Now this is good stuff. This is a premium form of choline. It’s known to help with memory, brain health, and of course, focus. The problem is, the dose is only at 100 mg - and that is sad stuff.
  • BioPerine [Black Pepper Extract (fruit)]: This is the best brand of black pepper extract for maximum absorption. The presence of bioperine can make a lackluster formula (like the one we have right now) seem more potent than it should be. It doesn’t save really underdosed formulas, but it does make poorly absorbed ingredients work better.

Who is RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout made for?

RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-workout is definitely formulated for regular gym goers on a budget. That’s the original aim of the product. We also think this was formulated with college students in mind, especially since they likely don’t have that much on them to begin with.  

Performance-wise, RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-workout seems to be made for lifters who like a lot of caffeine in their pre workouts. It can also work for supplement users who ran out of their usual brands and are looking to fill some gaps.

What are RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout’s benefits?

Based on what we’ve seen, we think RSP Nutrition DyNO can definitely boost your energy to new heights. The 300 mg caffeine dose isn’t something to take lightly. The addition of taurine and beta alanine can also help you ignore fatigue for longer periods. 

It can also offer some good pump action, but it’s not really impressive given the ingredients used and the dosage that accompanied it. Then there’s also the thing with focus and mental energy. 

On one hand, nootropics are always good additions in pre-workouts and RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-workout does make use of Alpha GPC, one of the best nootropics ever. On the other, we only get 100 mg per serving of Alpha GPC and 1,000 mg of really bad choline bitartrate. 

Sure, the product ain’t meant to be super premium, but they didn’t have to be too obvious about it. So for their focus and nootropics, we’re kinda on the “meh” side.

RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout: Side Effects

The side effects with taking RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout will mainly come from the 300 mg dose of caffeine. Even for regular coffee drinkers, three cups of coffee in one gulp may be too much or too fast. If you’re particularly sensitive, you can expect a batch of jitters, headaches, and the crash. You also will sweat a lot, so if you have sweaty palms, you might want to chalk up after taking a scoop of RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout. 

Is RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout cheap or cost-effective?

There is a fine line between a cheaply made supplement and a supplement that tried to cast a wider net. We think RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout is the latter. The formula is definitely well-made and showed signs of good design and synergy. What it lacked in ingredient potency and brands, it made up with price and function. 

However, we don’t see the smart formulation as an excuse to say RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout is super good. At most, RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout is a not-so-bad alternative to whatever your favorite is should you be in a situation where you don’t have much on you. At its worst, RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout is really just above the generally bad supplements. 

RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout: pros and cons


  • No prop blend. We like it when supplements aren’t afraid to show what they offer.
  • Synergistic design. They could have easily just mixed a bag of novelty powders and called it a day, but they didn’t and that is commendable. 
  • Boatloads of energy. That 300 mg caffeine is enough to get you going until the gym closes.
  • Nootropics. We like a complete formula over a hyper concentrated one.
  • BioPerine. Even weak ingredients look strong with BioPerine.
  • Cost-effective. Decent value overall.


  • No theanine. Theanine is critical to help mitigate side effects. 
  • Underdosed. So much potential, so little milligrams.
  • Small pumps only. We actually thought we got the wrong label when we saw 1,000 mg arginine.

Pricing info

  • 1 Can (30 servings): $24.97
  • Available online and in retail stores  (but currently out of stock)
  • Flavors: Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Wild Berry

RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-Workout: Summary

RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-workout is a product that wants to be your go-to brand if you’re a bit strapped for cash. Not just for being top of mind, they also want you to know that they’re not just some other cheap pre workout out to make a quick buck. 

No, RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-workout is definitely not a bad supplement. The ingredients and dosages, out of context, are really not the best in the world, but if you look at RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-workout as an “emergency stack” type of supplement, it’s actually pretty handy.

With that said, RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-workout definitely has a lot of faults that seasoned supplement users can’t overlook or ignore. The poorly dosed arginine, the lack of theanine, the cheap choline, these won’t fly for a pro who knows their pre workout stuff. 

Still, we reiterate: If you’re in terrible need of a pre workout and you don’t have much, RSP Nutrition DyNO Pre-workout should be a decent choice among many.