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Crazybulk Clenbutrol Review

In the world of bodybuilding, there are two main phases: Bulking and Cutting.

The bulking part is the fun part. As the name implies, it's when you go from skinny fat to "I can lift our mean professor with one arm" big. This is where the calories are upwards of 4000 a day, your lifts are all about pumping you up and going for short, but strong sets, and your aim is to hit a higher max one rep.

The cutting is the mentally taxing part. Bodybuilders are like you and me, and most of them they hate the thought of eating less. However, if you want to get those six-pack abs or have more muscle definition without needing to grease yourself up, you're going to have to say no to cupcakes and that extra scoop of ice cream for a few weeks.

Dieting is hard work both physically and mentally, but we have supplements that help with weight loss now. We have the traditional fat-burning supplements, and then we have Crazybulk Clenbutrol.

Clenbutrol's goal is to be the safer yet "just as effective" alternative to Clenbuterol, a popular (but banned) weight loss drug.

But how good is is really? Can it really replace Clenbuterol? Is it safe? Read on to find out.

Overall Review

Stimulant Boost
Ingredient Quality
Pump Boost
Overall Value


  • Quality ingredients
  • Decent dosing for efficacy
  • Proven fat burners
  • Safe stimulation


  • Needs more fat burning
  • There are cheaper alternatives
  • Too expensive

About Crazybulk Clenbutrol

This product markets itself as an alternative to Clenbuterol, a steroid known to be a really potent fat burner. The claims around the product mostly revolve around faster metabolism, better physical performance, and more lean muscle mass. More importantly, it is marketed as an efficient cutting supplement, and plenty of bulky bodybuilders who want six-pack abs definitely need the best cutting pill there is. 

As for the formula itself, here are some of the things we noticed:

  • Transparent formula: We like how transparent the label is, especially with the dosing of each ingredient. We don't have to guess what everything amounts to, which just makes the review easier. It also shows that Crazybulk has nothing to hide.
  • Familiar ingredients: We've seen hundreds of fat burners, so it's only natural that we already know what most fat-burning ingredients are. This also means there's a good chance the people behind Clenbutrol did their research, too, so it should work if all goes according to plan.
  • Simple fat burner: Many fat burners think the more, the merrier, but that's not the case when it comes to supplements. In supplements, you want focus dosing and synergy above quantity of ingredients, and Crazybulk Clenbutrol seems to understand that with just four key ingredients, one being a simple vitamin. Is this good or bad? It depends on how the review goes.

Crazybulk Clenbutrol: Supplement Facts

supplement facts

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Maltodextrin, Vegetable Stearate, Silica.

Contains NO: Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Wheat, Rice, Gluten, Dairy, Shellfish, Artificial Sweeteners, Colors Or Flavorings.

Recommended Use: Take three (3) capsules with water approximately 45 minutes before your workout. Use with a suitable diet and exercise programme. For best results, use for a minimum of 2 months.

Recommended workout period: 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off.

Not toxic to the liver or kidneys.

Best Combo for Cutting

crazybulk cutting stack

Want to lose weight faster with Clenbutrol? Check out the before and after pictures from people stacking this with other Crazybulk products!

Ingredient List

Let's go take a look at what's inside Crazybulk Clenbutrol.

  • Vitamin B3 (as Niacinamide): Vitamin B3 is a basic B vitamin known to help lower cholesterol levels. This is already good, considering a lot of people who are trying to cut fat or simply in a cutting phase often eat high-fat foods. On top of the cholesterol-lowering effect of vitamin B3, some experts say it can help reduce abdominal fat accumulation.

    "Niacin treatment attenuates obesity-induced adipose tissue inflammation through increased adiponectin and anti-inflammatory cytokine expression and reduced pro-inflammatory cytokine expression in a niacin receptor-dependent manner."

    The overall verdict for vitamin B3 as a fat burner is still up in the air, but results look promising.
  • Garcinia Cambogia (50% Hydroxycitric Acid)(Garcinia cambogia) (Fruit): Garcinia Cambogia, to put it simply, is a carb blocker. Blocking carbs helps reduce the amount of fat the body slaps onto your body, especially near the abdomen. It supplies hydroxycitric acid or HCA. HCA can block certain enzymes that promote carb-to-fat conversion.

    By blocking these enzymes, garcinia helps the body metabolize carbs faster while also burning fat. It's a complicated process, but the only thing you need to know is that the science is solid around garcinia's fat-burning effects.

    "In the recent years, more clinical trials had been conducted to elucidate the functional effects of Garcinia/HCA supplementation on promoting human health. A multitude of metabolic functions had been reported for HCA or HCA-containing Garcinia extract, such as reducing blood lipids, inducing weight loss, suppressing appetite, and reducing food intake based on results obtained in both animal trials and human clinical trials"
  • Bitter Orange Extract (6% Synepherine) (Citrus aurantium) (Seed): Synephrine is a powerful stimulant that's also known to cut fat like a hot knife through a thick slab of butter. It's one of the most well-researched fat burners out there, with studies reporting synephrine as capable of triggering fat breakdown, thermogenesis (raising body temperature), and an overall energy boost thanks to enhanced fat metabolism.

    "Acute consumption of p‐synephrine was effective to move the fat oxidation–exercise intensity curve upwards during the incremental exercise and increased maximal fat oxidation rate during exercise.

    The metabolic effects found after the ingestion of p‐synephrine might be valuable for those individuals seeking increased fat oxidation during exercise."

    It's weird when synephrine is more "acceptable" in the supplement industry than steroids. Why? Because for a long time, people treated synephrine as a really dangerous stimulant. Like steroids, synephrine's effects on our body isn't exactly wholesome.

    Some reports of excessive palpitations and elevated blood pressure were made known to the sports industry, which resulted in synephrine being banned from many sports for a few years. In 2021, it seems WADA has lifted the ban, but many coaches are still telling their athletes not to take synephrine just in case the WADA committee changes their minds.
  • Guarana Extract (22% Caffeine)(Paullinia sorbilis) (Seed): Guarana extract is a caffeine alternative that's known NOT to have the side effects associated with everyone's favorite stimulant. Unlike caffeine anhydrous, guarana doesn't spike or cause a crash in energy.

    What it does is it just raises energy levels to a reasonable height and maintains that pace. It's also capable of a sustained-release effect, which means you can workout with the same level of energy for longer than with caffeine.

    "We report evidence that guarana seeds provide additional stimulation over caffeine alone, and document the changes to this stimulation in the context of both caffeine and glucose."

    And because of its sustained-release effect, the brain doesn't get caught off-guard when the energy runs out, so there's no crash.

Thinking about ordering Crazybulk Clenbutrol? We've put in the research so that you don't have to!

Based on what we’ve seen, Crazybulk Clenbutrol really tries to mimic what Clenbuterol does as a stimulant-burner. It will, of course, be weaker, but functionally, we think it does an excellent job at copying the essentials of what made Clenbuterol famous as a "cutting" steroid.

The dosages could use a little work, but it's understandable if they're playing it safe. 

Side Effects

Fortunately, we don't think Crazybulk Clenbutrol has any side effects due to two things:

  • Ingredient quality. While the formula can be generic, we do see some standardizations in place, and the ingredient forms are bioavailable despite not being branded. This tells us the ingredients are, at the very least, sourced for quality and not just from some cheap seller or supplier.
  • Dosage. The doses in Clenbutrol's ingredients aren't as aggressive as we expected for a Clenbuterol alternative. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, but in terms of side effects, this is highly favorable. Being modestly dosed means it lets your body get accustomed to a new formula or supplement better than if you were to just chug down a supplement in high doses. Being accustomed to the supplement means the user will likely not experience any side effects someone taking higher doses would.

Pros and Cons


  • Quality ingredients
  • Decent dosing for efficacy
  • Proven fat burners
  • Safe stimulation


  • Needs more fat burning
  • There are cheaper alternatives
  • Too expensive

What is Clenbuterol?

Having looked into Clenbutrol and its ingredients, let's take a look at Clenbuterol (the perscription drug that Crazybulk is trying to mimic). 

Clenbuterol belongs to a group of prescription drugs called beta2-agonists. Beta2-agonists are prescribed to treat diseases or conditions that can cause difficulty in breathing, like asthma. They work by dilating our bronchial muscles. 

As a fitness supplement (that's actually not allowed by the US FDA by the way), Clenbuterol is known to help with weight loss tremendously. While not precisely a steroid, it performs like one in how it promotes an increase in muscle mass. 

Clenbuterol is known as a fat burner, and it's often taken with human growth hormone and other anabolic steroids to maximize the overall fat burning and muscle growth effect. 

From what we see, Clenbuterol is probably one of the most aggressive cutting supplements out there. But as always, the side effects have caused many physicians to hesitate its prescription and be outright banned for human use by the FDA. 

Here are some of its side effects of Clenbuterol:

  • Chest pain
  • Palpitations
  • Anxiety
  • Rapid breathing
  • Tremors

Due to the great demand for this prescription drug, supplement companies tried to mimic its fat-burning effect, and that's how Crazybulk Clenbuterol was made.


ultimate stack

Improve muscle gain, strength and weight loss, all with this stack! Highly reviewed by past customers, this truly is the Ultimate Stack. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Clenbutrol made for?

Clenbutrol was made for fitness buffs who need to cut down on the stubborn fat they put on while bulking. That's the target market. However, it can also be used by the average fitness enthusiast who just wants to take something for their belly or arm fat. 

We also think Clenbutrol was made for those who dislike caffeine or overstimulation. Guarana acts as a "clean" stimulant due to its safety and no-side-effect reputation. These people might also be getting their caffeine from somewhere else, so all they want is just that extra boost and not the "I'm so stimulated, my veins are about to pop" feeling.

What are Clenbutrol's benefits?

The main benefits of are how it can help reduce appetite while also directly interfering with the body's ability to convert carbs to fat. 

The general idea is not only will you be mentally stronger when it comes to not eating chocolate cake. Your body will also work overtime to make sure you get rewarded with less fat percentage in doing so.

Is Crazybulk Clenbutrol FDA Approved?

Supplements, in general, aren't FDA approved. There are some who chase the certification, but perhaps 9.9/10 supplements out there don't bother.

Does this mean Crazybulk Clenbutrol is dangerous? Well, it depends. 

Not being FDA-approved doesn't mean it's dangerous for your health. Not being approved just means the supplement company didn't invest in FDA approval and their claims aren't tested by an official team. It also means they can't advertise on TV, but no one really buys supplements from the TV nowadays.

Now, there are some supplements out there that are truly awful, so you should read reviews like ours just in case you're wondering about a non-FDA-approved supplements.

Is it illegal in Sports?

As far as WADA is concerned, the ingredients found in Crazybulk Clenbutrol aren't prohibited in sport. However, synephrine's still a bit controversial, so many coaches would rather avoid supplements with synephrine (in any form, synthetic or natural) as it might still trigger a false positive and disqualify an athlete.

How long does Clenbutrol last? 

The dosages aren't that high, but guarana's known to last for a few hours. We're thinking at least 4 hours from consumption, give or take. This is great since the sustainable energy release means you won't suffer a spike and crash in energy.

Is it Safe?

As with anything supplement-related, there are always more than a handful of precautions, especially when it comes to your body’s condition, i.e., being pregnant, taking prescription drugs, or having any health conditions that make consumption of stimulants dangerous or harmful.

Assuming you are a healthy person with no allergies to any of the ingredients listed, the supplement may be safe enough if you follow the serving suggestion. Don't take this as advice, though. If you are genuinely concerned about the safety of this product, see a doctor and ask them. 

Can Crazybulk Clenbutrol actually replace Clenbuterol?

It can replace some fat burning effects of clenbuterol. The fat burners are there, and the studies do say they can do what they're meant to do against stubborn fat. However, the ingredients are all-natural, and in modest dosing, so you can't really mimic the aggressive burn you'd feel when taking an actual Clenbuterol.

At the very least, according to the studies we've seen Crazybulk Clenbutrol will not mimic Clenbuterol's side effects, which is always a great thing.

How to improve Crazybulk Clenbutrol's performance

While the formula for Crazybulk Clenbutrol isn't really bad (in fact, we think it's pretty good), it's not perfect. We think there is huge room for improvement, and here are the ingredients we recommend:

weight loss supplements

  • Caffeine. Love it or hate it, caffeine just works. While Crazybulk Clenbutrol already has guarana, actual caffeine is better overall since synephrine and caffeine work together as a fat-burning duo. Caffeine and synephrine simply complement each other's fat burning properties and give you more energy for physical performance, so it would be ideal to add caffeine in Crazybulk Clenbutrol's ingredients list.

    "Synephrine and synephrine + caffeine augmented resistance exercise performance (total repetitions, volume load) without increasing blood lactate or RPE. The addition of caffeine in SCF increased mean power and velocity of squat performance. These results indicate supplementation with Synephrine and synephrine + caffeine can enhance local muscle endurance during resistance exercise."

    "Caffeine, p-synephrine, and p-synephrine + caffeine increased the maximal rate of fat oxidation during exercise compared with a placebo, without modifying energy expenditure or heart rate."
  • Green tea extract. Green tea extract is one of the best ingredients in fat burning, and there is plenty of research that confirms it. Green tea works through its powerful active compound EGCG. EGCG has been cited to help people burn through fat faster. On top of the fat burning benefits, EGCG has also been shown to help with overall health and wellness, especially when it comes to benefits for heart health.

    "In conclusion, it was found that short term green tea ingestion significantly elevated fat oxidation and plasma glycerol levels before and post intermittent sprinting exercise. Epinephrine levels were elevated during exercise and norepinephrine levels were increased post-exercise after green tea ingestion."
  • Cayenne. More specifically, CAPSIMAX. CAPSIMAX is a concentrated cayenne extract that literally torches body fat and makes you feel warm and sweaty. It's best for thermogenesis, the process where the body burns fat for heat, so it will greatly support the existing fat-burning effects Crazybulk Clenbutrol already has.

    "In an effectively 20.5% negative energy balance, consumption of 2.56 mg capsaicin per meal supports negative energy balance by counteracting the unfavorable negative energy balance effect of decrease in components of energy expenditure. Moreover, consumption of 2.56 mg capsaicin per meal promotes fat oxidation in negative energy balance and does not increase blood pressure significantly."
  • Appetite suppressants. Appetite suppressants help to either keep you full for a long time or reduce your cravings, which happens a lot when you're cutting. Appetite suppressants can come in the form of fiber (such as glucomannan) or minerals like Chromium that can help manage blood sugar levels, as blood sugar spikes and drops can trigger hunger.

    "Replacement of a high-carbohydrate preload with low-energy Konjac glucomannan-gel noodles did not promote additional food intake despite large differences in energy. The energy deficit incurred from partial Konjac glucomannan-gel substitution may have relevance in weight loss regimens, and should be further evaluated beyond the healthy population."
  • More B Vitamins. We like how minimalist the formula is, but it wouldn't hurt to add the entire B-complex in here. Why? Because generally speaking, B-vitamins work on energy metabolism, a process that involves fat burning. 

Pricing info

  • 1 Container (30-Day Supply): $61.99
  • 2 Containers + 1 Free: $123.98
  • Available online and in retail


Overall it is a pretty good "weak clone" of Clenbuterol. The fat-burning formula is efficient and formulated with synergy in mind. The ingredients used are in their bioavailable form and the studies on the ingredients are pretty solid.

While it can't directly replace a potent fat burner like Clenbuterol, it can do its job of helping you out on your weight loss efforts. The only real drawback we see is the price per bottle.

Crazybulk's Clenbutrol is simply too expensive for what it can do. We know plenty of other more concentrated and "more premium" brands of fat burners with a significantly lower price tag. 

However, if you don't mind the price tag, we think Crazybulk Clenbutrol is a decent fat burner to get your body fat percentage down to where you want it at the safest pace possible.

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