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Bucked Up Pre-Workout Review

About a month ago, I was talking to a friend about how I was struggling to find energy during my workouts. In the first 20 minutes or so of working out, I would be excited and filled with energy. After that, my energy and focus quickly dwindled away. I knew that if I didn’t figure something out I would eventually give up on working out.

My friend asked me about other pre-workout supplements that I had already tried, and I explained to him that they didn’t help me much at all. He told me that he had already ordered two packages of Bucked Up pre-workout on the internet, and that when he got them he would give one to me so we could both try it out at the same time.

At that point, I had heard a little bit about it from some of my other friends who were into working out. I didn’t know very much about how it worked. I told my friend that I would give it a try since he was giving it to me for free anyway. I wasn’t expecting it to work for me, just like the other pre-workouts that I tried before.

I was at a point in life where my body was very important to me, yet I couldn’t commit to a full hard workout. It felt like I just wasn’t meant to have a good physique and that I should just accept that. When I unexpectedly found myself with a free package of Bucked up, I had no idea if it was actually going to work or not.

Editor's Review

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Do you ever feel like you lose your energy halfway into your workout? Bucked Up is a pre-workout supplement that contains deer antler velvet, which is believed to be able to help with that problem. It is also said to improve many other aspects of working out. Some claim that it can improve energy, strength and recovery.

The idea of removing velvet extract from the antlers of growing deer originated in traditional Chinese medicine. It has a controversial history, once even being a banned substance in some sports. Today, it is known to be a safe supplement. It is no longer believed to be a performance-enhancing drug by any major sports organizations.

Bucked Up is made by DAS Labs. It is a reputable company and the product itself is quite popular. There is a small possibility that some users experience some mild side effects. These side effects would be similar to those felt by someone who consumed too much caffeine, such as a headache or nausea.


Citrulline Malate – 6000mg: May improve blood flow, increase muscle growth and help with nitric oxide production.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 200mg: Dehydrated caffeine that can give you more energy and focus.

Beta-Alanine – 2000mg: An amino acid that may give you longer workout durations and even help minimize the effects of aging.

Alpha GPC – 200mg: Found naturally in our brains, it may help keep you mentally sharp. It may eventually be used in combating Alzheimer's disease.

Himalayan Rock Salt – 100mg: Loaded with important minerals needed to keep you going.

Taurine – 100mg: It is found naturally throughout our bodies. Used as a source of energy.

Deer Antler Velvet Extract – 50mg: Sourced from the antlers of deer. May help with strength, energy and recovery.

AstraGin – 25mg: May help your body take in nutrients more efficiently.

ActiGin – 25mg: Used for increasing energy and endurance.

My review

Do you know how it feels to want to improve your body, but you don't have the energy to effectively workout? My body seemed to shut down after the adrenalin from the beginning of my workout faded. I would start off strong and then slowly lose my energy. I told my friend I would try Bucked Up because I was desperate.

The first day, I drank one scoop of Bucked Up pre-workout, stirred into about a cup of water. It was almost 30 minutes before my workout. I did notice a slight change in energy right from the beginning. For the first time in a while, I got through my entire workout without being drained of my energy. I actually felt pretty great.

I realized that the extra energy could have just been wishful thinking, since it was only my first time trying Bucked Up. However, as I continued to use it over time, my workouts improved greatly. I believe it was the way Bucked Up was able to energize and motivate me more than other pre-workouts I had tried in the past.

Aside from an increase in energy, I did not notice any other major changes. I did feel more motivated mentally to workout, but that could have just been related to the increase in energy. I didn't gain any recognizable muscle mass on an immediate basis, but over time I felt like I was getting past a plateau. Working out became more fun and much easier.


  • I noticed major gains after continual use.
  • It was very easy to mix and didn't have clumps.
  • No filler ingredients.
  • Gave me energy for the entire workout.
  • Better than most pre-workouts I've tried.
  • Lots of potential benefits from active ingredients.
  • Made working out easy and more fun.
  • Didn't have any negative side effects.


  • I didn't get all the results that were claimed to be possible with this product.
  • I think it would have been better with fewer ingredients.
  • The taste wasn't amazing (it wasn't all that bad either though).

Final thoughts

Bucked Up is a unique pre-workout supplement that is known to help with energy, strength and recovery. Its mostly known due to its use of deer antler velvet extract, along with other ingredients, to potentially improve workouts. Many that have tried it say it actually did give them more energy, and that helped them to workout harder.

I would definitely recommend this product to others based on how it worked when I tried it. It instantly fixed my biggest workout problem that was making full workouts impossible for me. If you are lacking in energy during your workouts, you should try using Bucked Up too.