AuthorI’m Erick Racedo, founder of The Pre-Workout Review. I started working out around early 2016, and it quickly became a passion of mine.

After about a year of working out, I started looking at legal ways to get bigger, faster. Being a father, I had no interest in taking illegal and potentially harmful substances. My main interest has been and always will be to naturally build up my muscle mass and strength.

Shortly after looking for a solution to improve my workouts, I discovered pre-workout supplements. I noticed immediate improvement in my workouts. I started working out longer and harder than ever before, and it showed in the results I was getting.

Because of the results I’ve had with pre-workout, I had decided to start writing about the various supplements available on the market in detail. These articles became helpful to a ton of people, so I continued to write! So, at this point, this site is dedicated to researching sports nutrition supplements and providing information to people who are interested in enhancing their exercise. I hope you find the information here useful and that you find the products that are best for you!